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Company informatization construction and management of special training

Source:      Views: 5     Datetime: July 21,2015

July 18-20, 2015, organized by the human resources the enterprise information construction and management of special training in the company, the company leadership and all levels of management personnel a total of more than thirty people attended the training.

In order to better promote the informatization construction of companies, frontier in the field of management team with relevant information for the company, the company invited Dr At the university of Arizona, university of Utah, David Eccles school of business professor mrhoa respectively to teaching. Professor mrhoa respectively in enterprise management consulting and senior management personnel training has a wealth of experience, he taught "business process management", "4.0: industrial production process of intelligence", "enterprise system and the implementation of enterprise resource planning system management", "knowledge management", "big data and data mining", "IT investment management" and other aspects of content, and by asking questions, discussing the intensive communication with trainees.

Through this training, the trainees to a new understanding of the enterprise information construction and thinking, this will certainly to the information construction work of the company is a positive impact.

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