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Fire knowledge persevere, security alarm bell sounding - Yunda Science and Technology held fire safety training and drills

Source:      Views: 96     Datetime: June 15,2016

According to company safety-related regulations for the implementation of "prevention first, combining anti-consumer" fire-fighting policy, administration and production site for all personnel security personnel, May 20 at 10:00 am to 11:00, in combination site-specific production company, conducted a fire safety training and fire emergency drills.

The training and drills based primarily on the company's new production facilities put into use, we do not know for fire-fighting facilities, emergency escape routes, etc. are not familiar with, a highly targeted training and drills carried out. Before the training, the Administration Department with the Ministry of Production Operations Center trainees and training full communication, combined with the company security team leader Comrade Wang Dengguo "safe production management approach", "fire safety control management practices," the relevant provisions and requirements carefully preparation, training will focus on basic knowledge locked in fire safety, fire hydrants, fire extinguishers and respond to operational use in emergency situations and how to choose the escape routes and other aspects, seek practical, easy to accept. Training one day before the training venue, the venue for the final confirmation drill, drill site preparation in the fire extinguisher 29, a barrel of diesel, a large wok, a number of combustibles, cleaning up the site of a high-pressure water gun for training and drills smoothly the implementation of a more adequate preparation.

Drill site

In the Ministry of Production Operations Center jointly coordinated by the Department of Administrative Security, the production site of all employees participated in the training and exercises. Enthusiasm high, and watch carefully listened to teachers explain instructor demonstration, under the guidance of teachers to experience fire hydrant, fire tips of connection; we obey the unified command of the scene, according to an orderly evacuation of the evacuation line production site. Drill site on the basketball court, we listened to the teacher lined up on the use of dry powder fire extinguishers presentation and demonstration, staff representatives in the actual instructor put out the fire using a fire extinguisher operation drill.

Training site

Instructor demonstration hydrant connectionEmployee representatives hydrant connection operation
Staff orderly evacuationStaff orderly evacuation
Teachers demonstrate the use of dry powder fire extinguishersStaff actual operation of dry powder fire extinguishers
Female employees to participate in drillsClean up the drill site


Through this fire safety training and fire drill, production front-line staff and related personnel to enhance the fire safety awareness and strengthen the basic knowledge of fire safety, the production site of the fire facilities have a better understanding of the emergency evacuation line , Mastered the operation and use of fire equipment, in response to emergency laid a certain foundation, to achieve the desired results.

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