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Until you finally - the Dragon Boat Festival "date"

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Quietly tell you, tomorrow is your finally wait for years, the Dragon Boat Festival, happy, the Dragon Boat Festival as one of the Chinese nation ancient traditional festivals, how much do you know?

According to statistics, the name of the Dragon Boat Festival is called up to more than 20, such as a terminal five section, DuanYangJie, section 5, ChongWu, when five day, summer day in, day sin, may festival, Chang festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, bath festival, qu yuan, and the midday, sections, to wax, poets section, dragon day, midday, the Lantern Festival, section five eggs and so on.

The origin of the Dragon Boat Festival

Commemorate qu yuan said: during the warring states period, qu yuan, the idea of political reform, was exiled by XiaoZhi, chu wu, after qu yuan bitterness, in the fifth cast jiang to do; Later, at the fifth year, there are all kinds of customs, in order to commemorate patriotic poet qu yuan.

Commemorating wu zixu said: the spring and autumn period, chu people of wu zixu, after the death of the prince closed room, his son fu chai of succession, the defeat of yue, goujian and please, professional advice, should wipe yue, fu don't listen, wu big slaughter, slanderers against professional, fu letter, give the child XuBaoJian, professional son to death. After the children to take professional bodies in leather put into river in May 5, so the day of the Dragon Boat Festival is in memory of wu zixu.

To commemorate the mule Cao E said: Cao E is the eastern han dynasty shangyu people, father drowned in, a few days a corpse, mule Cao E was only fourteen years old at the time, day and night along the river and wailing. After 17 days, jiang also on May 5 shots, five days after the father corpse. To preach to the myth, and then to the government and governor, the degree is for the erection of let his disciple handan chun Lei bowed to celebrate. So the day of the Dragon Boat Festival is in memory of mule Cao E.

The custom of Dragon Boat Festival: hang mugwort, calamus, drink realgar wine, fumigating rhizoma atractylodis, sweet bursa, dragon boat racing, painting... Do you know what?

On the occasion of the season, we ship the talent should not only think of qu yuan, the more to inherit and carry forward the great spirit of the qu yuan. Personality spirit of qu yuan, stick to the truth, not afraid of hardship, is worth us to follow and learning, the courage to more worth inherit and carry forward the spirit of innovation, the spirit of qu yuan's patriotic loyal countries inspire us love loyal to the company!

Here, chairman of the board of directors, general manager with the management team wish you all a dragon boat ankang, career, family happiness!

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