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Practice base construction conference was held successfully

Source:      Views: 73     Datetime: June 01,2016

On April 14, 2016 - April 15, the company launched the 2 day workshop practice base construction, and with the participants to build rail transit union practice base construction. Union construction will become the orbit transportation related colleges and universities, the railway and urban rail transit operating company of unit of choose and employ persons, provide solutions, companies such as the depth of cooperation between the carrier and platform, constructing an all-round, multi-level system of practice teaching, meet the urgent demand for technical persons with unit of choose and employ persons, push related colleges to improve their own professional, to take the form of aggregation, achieve win-win co-prosperity.

By industry experts seminars listen to the original ideas, focus on understanding the construction pattern of the vocational colleges training equipment, funding sources, use requirements, such as the training object positioning, and the scheme of the backbone of the school construction idea, mode of competence-based vocational education (CBE), etc.; To the deep understanding of vocational school played a significant role in the market demand; Moreover made various vocational colleges friends extensively through seminars, preliminary understanding, scale and the construction planning cycle, to contribute to the late project fall to the ground; Formed a coalition agreement establishing practice base construction, to other more not attending colleges and universities related work provides reference and guidance to enhance the industry influence; Is advantageous to the formation of normal communication platform, and the joint unit of choose and employ persons, colleges and universities, solution provider for uniform standard, improve the quality of the training form aggregation, achieve win-win co-prosperity.

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