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On CMD vehicle subsystem products pass the first inspection

Source:      Views: 67     Datetime: October 29,2015

On October 12, 2015, by the great southern railway electric locomotive technology limited liability company vice President, led by the panel line of seven people, visit the company to the CMD (China locomotive remote monitoring and diagnosis system) vehicle-mounted subsystem products to the first article inspection.

The panel according to the total iron transport [2014] no. 2014 "locomotive parts first article inspection method", item by item to CMD history product contract, design, and similar products, type test and routine test, certificate of product safety, quality planning, supplier management, supplier first inspection (FAI), raw material management, production process control, special recognition, nonconforming product process control, manufacturing process control, technical state management, check delivery documents, etc.


Is the first inspection by, CMD products of the company to obtain a key link in the process of railway locomotive parts supervision qualification, to win better reputation in the industry for the product, obtain a bigger share of the market laid a solid foundation.

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